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Premium Dates

There are Dates, and then there are Premium Dates. Boasting Superior Quality and Heavenly taste. Our collection will leave you mesmerized and wanting for more.


Nuts & Seeds

The perfect munchies packed with goodness. Nut & Seeds often known as Superfoods are known to boost immunity, reduce the risk of heart diseases and Stroke. They are the crème de la crème of the Food World.

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Why People
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Dried Fruits

Dried fruits have a long tradition of use dating back to 4000 BC in Mesopotamia and are prized because of their sweet taste, nutritive value, and long shelf life. Dried fruits retain most of the nutritional value of fresh fruits.


Herbs & Spices

From Condiments to Seasoning, we have got it all. World of Dates brings only the Premium Quality Herbs & Spices from across the globe to your home. We love to have our tastebuds go for a ride. Do you?



  Our search for the best-tasting Dehydrated Berries on earth was tireless, but we think the result is worth it. Add them to your cereal or just munch on them as a snack. These berries are sure to amaze you.

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